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So ... what is Boston More In Common?

Boston More In Common is a group started by like-minded people to foster a sense of open friendliness between the rich tapestry of nationalities and cultures we're lucky to be home to in Boston, Lincolnshire.

It's a place where we're trying to create and encourage interaction and integration.

This will make us all realise that Boston is now "HOME' to many people.

We are all 'BOSTONIANS' wherever we were born.

Please share this website, ethos and care.

Meet The Committee Members

Julian Thompson - Chairman

Andy Izard - Vice Chairman

Jenny Thompson-Watmore - Treasurer

Julie Perrot - Events

Eriks Pitkevics - Latvian

Veselina Ganeva - Bulgarian, Italian, French

Milena H Krusinska - Polish

Ewa Ostrowska - Polish

Oana Cunningham - Romanian

Diana Deltuvaite - Lithuanian

Marija Stasikėlytė - Lithuanian

Bigger things are coming and we want YOU ALL to be part of them!

boston more in common are on Facebook, join in the conversation!

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